Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Jack was thankful for Legos.
Will ate a whole wing and then balanced the bone on his head!

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Walk in the woods

We all took a walk in the McCarthy woods. It was wet but still a lot of fun.
Thanksgiving will be quiet this year. The O'Reilly's are on a cruise so we are on our own and we decided not to go see Nanny Nan, Tom, Kim and Hope as Chris has been sick and he will be away next weekend. Caitlin and Jarrett have a Todd Thanksgiving and a wedding on Saturday. Sooo...Mama is cooking a turkey. Jack told me he heard all about Thanksgiving in School so he was interested to "get at that Turkey!"
On the twin side, there has been a lot of talking! Will is almost talking full sentences. This morning he said "Jack dance", "Train tracks" and he talks lots and lots. Some is real words and some is mumbo jumbo. Desi says "Jack" and "Cubby NO!” He is very interested in controling the dog for some reason.

Jack is taking swimming lessons and is doing really well. He is a "Sunfish". The last picture is him at a Birthday party where Little Ray's Reptiles came with all theire critters!

Chris and I did the Army 5 km race. Chris did a 21 min and I did a 28:45. Congratulations to Aunt Tracy who just did her first marathon.