Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Visit to St. Catherine's

Here are Chris, Tom, Lisa and Brock. Enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

Chris and Jack play with Ridley Academy school mascot.

Thanksgiving dinner iwth (L to R) Grandma Nan, Kim, Tom, Chris, Jack and Karen.

Jack has been busy as a bee and as always makes us laugh constantly. He is saying many more words including Cheers! Bubby (Cubby), Choo-choo, juice, and of course MOMMY!!!!!!
He is now able to point to letters that I ask him to identify and apparently can count to 5 (according to Ginette but as of yet I have not heard this one).
We like to make races on our walks which involves stopping at all cracks in the road and counting "one, two, three, go!".
He is more and more becoming an artist and loving drawing and trying to write, he even holds the crayon correctly. He loves to do puzzles and he loves watching Poplular Mechanics for Kids, Fraggle Rock, and any animal show. He does the bear and birds sounds well.
Grandma Nan is coming tonight on the Choo-shoo and jack was excited but pointed to himself and wanted to go on the train too. Not sure that will happen, especially since he wants the dog to go as well.
Well that,s all for updates and documentation (more for us that anyone else).

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jack painting

Jack having breakfast at Broadways.
Helping mommy in the kitchen...

Painting our kitchen chairs