Thursday, August 28, 2008

2 Years old


Jack is now 2 years old. We had a week of birthday parties inlcuding one at the cottage and one at home for his day care freinds and some other friends. Mama made a fire truck cake and we all ate pizza. Jack seemd to have a blast and loved when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him.

We were at the Pediatrician and are happy to report Jack is 34" and almost 24 lbs. He is no longer a baby I guess. the words are starting to come slowly but the potty training is chugging along. Spurned on by reports from Day care that he was peeing in the potty we have been asking him to do it all week and Jack has been delivering. He is brilliant. He gets so excited that he clapps his hand. We have been rewarding him with 3 chocolate chips. We think this level of acheivement is probably only second to him getting a Law degree!

Last weekend Chris took Jack to see the real Thomas the train that was in town. They both took a ride and got to have the whole Thomas experience!