Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Time flies

Well, time certainly does fly and neglect the blog. I like to keep it updated for us as well as fammily and friends. It is a nice reminder of what has been happening.

Greg Christina and 2 boys were here last weekend and that was a hoot. Watching Finn and Jack woop it up was hilarious. Of course they both went for the same toys and but mostly they played independently, they are still young to actually play together. They both went swimming in Grandma’s pool and had a great time. Jack was so brave he would wave me away so he could jump in himself. He also felt that he could jump off the diving board. I had to hold on to his shorts to stop him. Meanwhile Conor was swimming below yelling “I will catch him”. Conor is 6.

It has been raining a lot here but that does not stop the fun. We pick strawberries at grandmas (jack is a good foreman), we go to the park and make castles in the sand, and we walk around the neighbourhood and watch the backhoes as they repave the streets (gold I tell you!!). We also make trips to Mooney’s Bay. Cubby jumps in the water to Jack’s laughs and we watch the baby ducks and geese.

This weekend we went to our friend’s son’s Birthday party. Alex turned 2. They had a BBQ at the local park and the weather actually cooperated. It was nice to see all the kids but Jack was so tired he fell asleep on the way home and slept for 3 hours!!
Chris and I got to go to a mess dinner a few weeks ago. We got to dress up and had a great time.
And at long last our new kitchen is done. It has been a crazy spring but we did it and it is beautiful!
We are headed to the cottage this weekend to celebrate Canada day weekend.
Look for cottage pictures soon!