Monday, May 12, 2008

Life in the fast lane

Hi all,

We have been very busy here at Casa Lynam. Grandma Nancy was here to visit and unfortunately she was sick. We all had had colds but Nancy got the worst of it by far and was laid up for quite a while. We are all hope she is feeling better and recovering well. Before she got sick she did get to spend some time with Jack and played in the back yard with him.

We are still in the middle of our kitchen renovations and the projection of '2 weeks' lol has come and gone and we are still waiting for the completion of our beautiful new kitchen. Delays in counters and cabinet doors have forced everything to a halt. It is however 90% done and we wait anxiously for the moment when we can move back into our kitchen and have a working sink and dishwasher again!

Chris has been very bus with both the military and his day job. He has been traveling to Toronto and Kingston every second weekend with the military and this week he is gone to Iqualuit from Monday to Thursday. He called last night to say how different it all looked. We look forward to seeing pictures when he returns.

Jack has been a busy little bee and is acquiring new skills daily. He climbs the play structure like a champ and loves to go down the slide. He like Mama and Cubby to go up the structure too and then for us to go down the slide. Mama does...Cubby does not.

Jack gave Mama a beautiful birdhouse for mother’s day. He had been working on this project for days at daycare painting it and was just busting with pride when he gave it to me. It was so cute to see him so happy! Then we went to in town grandmas for mother’s day, we had hamburgers and corn and Jack was loving that corn, he cleaned every kernel of the piece off corn cob, and then a second piece and then had his hand on the third to ensure that no one took it.

Lately Jack does not like going out without his sun hat and will point to his head if he is missing it. He also says 'Uh-oh' 20 times and day. The other day Chris asked jack if he wanted to make scones and jack pushed his chair up to the counter. Then Chris asked where the mixer was and jack pointed to the garage (as that is where it is during renovations). Then Chris said "son moment Jack while I find the mixing bowl that fits the mixer and Jack reached down and picked it up from under the table. Chris commented that perhaps Jack could make the scones himself. Smart boy!