Thursday, April 3, 2008

cruise report

We are back from our southern Carribean cruise.
It started out rough with a 6 hour plane delay in Philadelphia but alas we made it. Chris called the cruise ship and they actually held the ship for the 50 of us that were on the plane. We all jumped in a bus and made it to the 'Destiny' at 10:15 and we sailed. We were told we were the last people on the ship.

It was great to see Tom and Kim. Tom and Chris went scuba diving and Tom and Kim got to hike in the jungle. Karen got to relax and take a tour around St. Martins with Chris. For the first 5 days Jack was the bell of the ball and was even address by name by many of the staff. I guess he is memorable.
It certainly was an adventure and while is was stressful at times traveling with a toddler all in all it was fun. Jack loved the airport, the plane, the cruise ship and all the boats he saw.

He also enjoyed splashing in the ocean!