Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Toy

Grandma Nancy gave Jack some money to get a toy for his birthday. We got him a toy garage which he loves. He could not wait to get the box open!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jack goes to child care and Mama goes to work.

Monday was Mama's first day back at work so everyone had to get moving in the morning. Dada is still off until Labour Day so he drove us to work and Daycare.

Contrary to the photos Jack has been having a great week! He cried for 10 minutes on the first day and was so tired that night we had to fight to keep him up to 6:30. Today when we picked him up he was playing with the other children and having a great time. They went to the park and played soccer. Jack loves to chase the other boys around and is even taken to giving them kisses and hugs.

We are so relieved that Jack is enjoying his spot and seems to have bonded already with his day care worker.

We also moved Jack to a 'big boy' car seat and he loves facing forward. He kicks his feet and squeals whenever you look back at him.

Friday, August 10, 2007

First Birthday Party

Well it is 5 days early but we had a Birthday cake for Jack at G&G.
Jack and Finn started the party early.

Cottage days 2

Well we just returned from 15 days on beautiful Georgian Bay. Tom and Kim generously let us stay with them in their cabin. We had fabulous weather that included 15 days of sun! We all got tanned and much to our surprise... Jack actually tans (unlike his mother who burns) he must get those genes from dad.
We went fishing and toured around in the boat.
We ate on Tom and Kim's new deck every day and lounged in their new chairs and on the new dock. It was heaven. Jack loved watching the boats, the flora and fauna and anything else that caught his eye.
Grandma was there too and we enjoyed daily visits with her. Jack got to know Grandma well and like to walk around her cabin and give her hugs. Most days Jack had applesauce and cookie snacks in the afternoon.
Mom and Dad got to go to dinner at the Log Cabin restaurant one evening and G&T&K babysat, many thanks for that!