Monday, June 25, 2007

Jack takes his first steps!

Jack is officially on the move! Jack stood for 10 seconds and then took 4 steps. He repeated the whole thing a few times so we know it was for real.

We went to a his friend Alex's first birthday on Saturday. Alex had a new Dora the Explorer car and Jack loved it. Alex's mom Dana called just now to say they got 3 of them and would like to give one to Jack. Jack will love that!
Chris started his summer off and will be off until Labour Day. We look forward to spending time as a new family, including trips to the cottage and just hanging out in the backyard!

The second photo is a picture of what it is like trying to feed Jack.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to Chris!
It was a hot weekend and Jack enjoyed it in his new baby pool courtesy of G&G. He also enjoyed swimming in the big pool at G&G's. Caitlin was having a pool party but that did not stop us from enjoying the water.
Chris and Karen also enjoyed a dinner out to the Keg courtesy of Caitlin who babysat. Thanks Caity!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Experimental Farm

Well it was a long hot weekend and we decided to visit the Experimental Farm. There was a sheep barn, a small animal barn including chikens, pigs, horses, a museum and as seen in the picture, a cow barn. Jack was overwhelmed by all the sights but afraid of the cows. A moment after this picture he burst into tears. It was a nice outing and the flowers in the ornamental garden were beautiful.

Today was another warm day we started out with an interview with a day care provider. It went well and the lady was very nice. Then we drove Chris to a meeting in Hull and then we went to G&G to visit. I got time to study for my course as Grandma took Jack for a walk. Then Grandma, Jack and I went swimming, Jack loved it and would not even hear of taking a break. he even tried to dunk his face in the water. A true water baby!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Jack the entertainer

Jack woke up this morning and when dad went in to see him he yelled 'Da-Dad' in his loudest voice with a big smile. Dad was really tickled by this. Jack is babbling a lot lately as apparently he has things to say. We are all anxious for the words to start coming so we can hear what is going on in his blond head.

While his cousin was here Conor had his slip and slide out, Jack was intrigued by it, walked right over and plopped himself down. We then took off his clothes and he splashed about with Finn in the water. It was quite a site of splashing and squealing.