Thursday, April 25, 2013

Where does the time go?

Well we are finally getting some nice spring weather and this weekend it is supposed to be 20'. I cannot wait for that!
Jack is coming to the end of grade 1 and had a photo day today. They do it twice a year now as a cash grab i guess.
Desi and William are growing and talking lots. I asked who had made a mess yesterday and Desi said "Will did it" and Will said "Desi did it " and then Desi said "no Jack did it". Smart enought to blame the one that is not there. That is Desi and Will at the Aviation museum, with Irene at the Science and Tech museum and then at the Agriculture museum.
All three are still swimming, Jack is in swim kids 4 and the twins are in Salamander. In May Jack will start soccer for the spring. I had the twins registered in a little Monday preschool program but it was cancelled. I will have to find a new one.
Caitlin had photos taken of Owen. He is of course very cute!