Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fall days

Jack has become quite the little climber, he will summit anything in his way.

Last Saturday we all went for a walk in the woods. It was such a beautiful day!
Mama wanted to take a picture with Jack but Jack was not too interested!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lazy Days of Fall

Well things have been fairly quiet for us. Chris went to help Grandma Nancy close her cottage this past weekend and they had good time and fairly good weather. Chris even went swimming! Sometimes it is very cold up in Georgian Bay for Thanksgiving and it can even snow! Now it is all closed up and Grandma Nancy is back in St. Catherine’s...for now. Tom and Kim were there too and I hear they are doing well.

Monday we had Thanksgiving dinner with the O'Reillys. It was a small crowd of us, G&G and Caitlin and her beau Jarret. The pumpkin pie was a big hit with Jack. He then proceeded to put on an evening floor show for all with cutesy smiles and teasing everyone with balls of yarn (don't ask).

Jack is growing like a week and according to the pediatrician he is 20lbs and 9 oz and 31" tall. That puts him tall and thin for his age. He is doing well on all fronts and even has a new molar. Mama was a little cagey because Jack had to get his MMR and Meningitis vaccine and with all the talk of them causing Autism, Mama was in a spin the night before. Alas, the MD reassured me that there was no proven link and in fact the link between the vaccines and Autism has been dis-proven. The fact that the vaccines in Canada have no mercury put me at ease (except for the flu shot so stay away my friends. Better to have the flu than mercury on the brain. That is just my opinion. )

Other than that Dada and Mama have been battling a nasty flu bug for the past week. It is luck we have Grandma and Grandpa O'Reilly in town to help out!